Getting Humanity to Mars

Bas Lansdorp is the Dutch co-founder of the non-profit organzation, Mars One. He was born in 1977 and received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Twente in 2003. In 2011 Landsdorp sold some of his shares of Ampyx Power (a wind energy company) in order to help finance Mars One. In his Ted Talk from November 2012, titled “Getting Humanity to Mars,” Lansdorp explains how he and everyone working for Mars One will get 4 astronauts to Mars. The co-founder of Mars One describes the process necessary to be succesful. Landsdorp says they will land a demonstration mission, followed by a large rover to find a suitable location for settlement, then one supply unit, one rover, two life-support units, and two living units. Lansdorp continues by explaining further how the astronauts will provide for themselves a suitable atmosphere with food and water. Lansdorp finishes his talk by recognizing the many skeptics of the Mars One mission. Opponents argue that they will not be able to finance this expensive mission, which would cost billions of dollars. Lansdorp, however, compares broadcasting the Mars mission with the Olympic Games. The co-founder claims that by broadcasting this historical event, the Mars mission will be able to compensate for its expenses while at the same time satisfying human curiosity and expanding the human race onto two planets.


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